Institutional derived FX data from Model Portfolios, Quant Models and Forecasts

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Institutional derived FX data from Model Portfolios, Quant Models and Forecasts

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What is eFXplus

eFXplus provides a real-time pricing based simulation for a selection of strategies, trade ideas, quant models and forecasts derived from institutional research.

Orders at a Glance

Institutional derived FX ideas for open positions, limit and stop orders with live performance throughout their full cycle

Recording & Tracking

Price based recording, tracking via applying a proprietary algorithm

Data Trends & Stats

Effective numerical and descriptive statistical tools tailored to evaluate unique historical data derived from institutional trade ideas since Nov 2013

Quantitative Models

FX signals and targets derived from a selection of institutional quant models

FX Forecasts

Continuously updated FX forecasts from more than 20 institutions available in one comprehensive overview with a tracking feature for the most recent changes

Trade of the Week

Tactical time based market opportunities that range for 1-2 weeks

Data Preview

Selective previews of major data releases (EMU, UK, US) for the coming trading day

Insight Briefs

Briefing-based coverage for a selection of institutional nights and views throughout the trading week


eFXplus offers three options to receive updates on data.

Instant Notifications via eMail (Premium only)

Premium subscribers can handpick the email delivery method of each section by choosing from instant emails and daily summaries, along with web-based notifications.

Web-Based (All subscribers)

Basic subscribers have full web-based access, that auto-refreshes every minute with in-app notifications and optional audio alerts.

Daily Digest Time Stamps (Premium only)

Emails are sent after the NY closing, listed in NY time:

@ 5:15 PM for Trade Positions    @ 5:35 PM for Forecasts
@ 5:25 PM for Insight Briefs    @ 5:45 PM for Quant & Models
@ 5:25 PM for Trade of the Week    @ 11:55 PM for Data Preview


Basic and Premium Subscription include:

Orders         FX Forecasts         Trade Stats         Quantitative Analysis & Models        
Trade of the Week (TOTW)         Insight Briefs         Data Preview        


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

eFX values its users and offers the opportunity to test the service to new subscribers prior to making a payment. However, valid billing information is required to open an account. This procedure is meant to minimize misuse and ensure continuous service with automatic payments after the free trial ends.

Users can upgrade or downgrade their subscription at anytime. Changes take effect immediately and will result in a refund of any remaining balance with a minimum charge of US$ 5. After the refund, a new charge will be placed for the full amount of the new subscription.

Any subscription can be canceled during the free trial before any charges will occur. To cancel, simply click ‘Cancel’ under ‘Billing’. Cancellations can be executed anytime except while a payment is initiated or pending (maximum time span: 36 hours). A cancellation does not result in a refund, however, the service remains available until the end of the billing cycle.

All payment information is transferred to eFXnews’ payment processor using a secure sockets layer (SSL). eFXnews does not store its users’ billing information on its own servers.

About eFXplus...


eFXplus is a financial technology startup run by a team of economists, scientists, data analysts, and developers who share a passion for the global financial markets.

With consistent enhancements to its proprietary algorithms, eFXplus assures its added analytical value to the FX market. eFXplus is independent and not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the institutions that it receives data from.